12 thoughts on “Haunted Audio”

  1. hi. i am using 3d assistance in AEcs3 but it is not working well…. ,when i make my layers 3D and go to windows and chose planner ..but i dont see window palette..if i dont see it how i will use it ..plz tell me

  2. Hi Aharon & Harry,

    Thank you for the Excellent Tutorial !

    Guys could you do us all a BIG favour ?

    Would you be interested in doing another sound effects
    tutorial, Audition super O.K. .

    I know I would like some more….

    Sound effects are used as much in movies if not more
    than visual effects and often sell the visual effect, but
    there is very little out there tutorial wise that I know of.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong there.

    Any way just a thought or should I say “Just sounding off”



  3. Can this be reposted on Vimeo? It no longer exists, or if there is a new or old cache url for it? Thanks!

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