Interview on AEtuts+

Click the above image to see my interview with Adam Everett Miller of AEtuts+.

Adam Everett Miller, the editor for AEtuts+, was in NY last week and asked to stop by my office to talk for a bit. I wasn’t expecting to be interviewed, but then the dude whips out a camera, and well… you know me. I’m an attention whore.

If you’ve got nothing better to do with your time, you can watch the short interview here.

I’m not an overly vain guy, but you can bet that the moment I watched the interview, I called my barber and made an appointment for a haircut. You just can’t go long with a Jew-fro.

8 thoughts on “Interview on AEtuts+”

  1. Great interview. Loved your insights.
    Did you get a haircut yet?
    With that amount of hair, you don’t have to wear a Yarmulka… 😉

  2. Great Interview, I loved what you said about “…your time having value”. I think that is a great way of looking at it.


  3. You said a lot in a short interview! Thanks! I’m glad AETuts dropped in on you. Your shyness point has served me well. I always say
    “If you ask and they say NO, you right where you were before you asked. But if they say yes…!”

    I’ve had surprisingly few NO’s!

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