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The latest from Stu Maschwitz and Red Giant Software is finally here – Magic Bullet Mojo .

Mojo is a plug-in that allows you to easily  create the film look seen in almost every action/sci-fi/blockbuster  movie made in the last few years. The look is characterized by any non-skin toned colors being pushed it into the teal or green color range – or having those colors completely washed out.

While you can use Magic Bullet Looks to get similar results, Mojo has been designed to help re-create this look in a much more streamlined way, focusing on the preservation of skin tones. Stu has taken a completely different approach to color correction here, with just a few controls that focus on the viewer’s experience, instead of the technical side of color correction. Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista, while much more powerful tools, have nothing like it. This is probably Mojo’s biggest selling point.

I don’t want to oversell it, though. Mojo is not a ground-breaking product. It won’t revolutionize the work you do. But like it or not, the Blockbuster film look will probably define this period of filmmaking, and clients really want it. Mojo’s real benefit is that it allows you to quickly give it to them, with ease, even if you have no knowledge or experience in color correction.

Some Videos of Mojo at work:  Mojo 1,    Mojo 2,    Mojo 3

Check out Magic Bullet Mojo here.

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