Holomatrix and the B-FLoT Factor


I love plug-ins. They do cool stuff. Trapcode Particular – Boo yah! Knoll Light Factory Pro – Awesome. But some of my favorite plug-ins are of the B-FLoT variety – as in the Big Fricken Lot of Time you Save by using them.

For example, Red Giant Planespace is probably my favorite plug-in. There’s no real eye candy there. But you can use it in so many situations to arrange layers in 3D space in seconds instead of hours. That alone is worth a lot because it allows you the extra time needed to create beautiful things that you would not otherwise have had, or for that matter, it could just get you home early so you can spend time with your family.

VideoCopilot Twitch is like that too. I could do most of it by hand, but why on earth would I? The hours spent setting that up would be wasteful, especially given its low cost.

So with that in mind, when I designed Holomatrix with Dan Ebberts – I had 2 goals in mind. Create something that looks cool, but also, do it in a way that saves people the most valuable thing in the world – the one thing that you can never have back: Time.

So far the feedback on Holomatrix has been pretty good. I’ve received a few angry emails saying: why didn’t you have this out last week/month/yesterday?! I wasted hours doing what I could have done in seconds!

Yup. It’s all about the B-Flot.

One thought on “Holomatrix and the B-FLoT Factor”

  1. Hey speaking of awesome plugins, you got any discount on Planespace you can share with us? =D

    Also, I remember hearing a rumor about you posting a screencast where you answer all our questions about you. *cough* *cough*



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