9 thoughts on “Holomatrix is Here!”

  1. I loved it too. Great work. And to you Eran, I just watched your interview and I had to say that it was inspiring. I commented on Aharon’s interview and overall you are all inspiration to the new digital world. Keep up the great work!
    Zvi from Jerusalem.

  2. Ok, my fault. To argue the redgiant support isn´t alive was wrong. I just found the button, but it was at random. I will tell the issues to the support as well.

  3. Hi Aharon,
    thanks for your response.
    Yes the support Link is obviously everywhere to see, but “Open A Support Case” is a little bit hidden.
    What do you mean by writing “Your problem is very specific” ? I am just setting heavy comps to use a proxy – I don´t think that is a to specific workflow. Btw I contacted the support 4 days ago, no reactions so far…

  4. Ok, I am sorry to bother you. English is not my main language, so sometimes I stumble around a little bit. But I found a solution for my problem: You have use “set Proxy” for the related comps before you apply Holomatrix! Otherwise the “remove Holomatrix” button won´t work anymore. You are not allowed to switch comps to proxys while already using HM on these comps – this will mess up the “Remove Holomatrix” function.
    I only found the solution because I was exactly trying to recreate the error, like you suggested. Thank you so much for your support and your patience!

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