“Ink” The Movie

Two nights ago, while browsing our Netflix “Watch Instantly” options, we found a new sci-fi/fantasy movie called “Ink.” I’d never heard of it, but it had really good ratings, so we added it to our Instant Queue. It was, of course an independent film, and while it didn’t have a big budget feel, it didn’t lack because of it. The color work (done in Apple Color) and effects (done in After Effects) were fantastic given the budget, and it had a really unique look and feel.  While not all of the actors were perfect (there were 1 or 2 that just didn’t bring it) most of the cast were strong, and some had serious feature film charisma – very rare in an independant film. The story was  engrossing, and I was sorry when it ended.

It’s a great example of what can be done on a very limited budget, if you have a good story, good team, and a great vision. Plus knowing how to use After Effects doesn’t hurt.

You can learn more about Ink @ http://www.doubleedgefilms.com/

7 thoughts on ““Ink” The Movie”

  1. This trailer looks (and sounds) absolutely awesome ! Thanks for the link man !
    Their work considering the budget does look really impressive and it shows the huge power of After Effects !
    Thanks for Holomatrix by the way, amazing stuff.
    All the best from France

  2. Chels and I just watched this last night and thought it was very different and cool as well – was going to send it to a few friends. Then I came to your blog and voila – great minds think alike. 😉

  3. Awesome, loved it. Lots of really unique choices. The incubus mask, the teleportaions, the drum key. Good stuff, good story, good message.

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