Intro to Holomatrix, Pt. 1: Getting Started

In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz gives you a basic introduction to Red Giant Software’s Holomatrix – A set of tools he and Dan Ebberts created together, for Adobe After Effects. The software creates the look of Holographic Imagery, Digital Signage, Bad TV and Ghostly Apparitions.

14 thoughts on “Intro to Holomatrix, Pt. 1: Getting Started”

  1. wow this is cool aharon
    i had to have a scene where one of my actors was talking to a hologram and i was using your older “hologram look” tutorial it took me ages to finnish then like 3 days later i found these now thats ironic. great help though.
    sorry if i spelt something wrong

  2. hehee… this will be fun again…

    I really like ur tuts. mostly the way you explain things they are so clear…


  3. >,< i have a problem andno matter where i look i cant find a solution for it…
    anyway my holomatrix isnt appearing in the windows list so….if any 1 knows whats the prob in it can some 1 reply..

  4. Hello Aharon…BIG BIG BIG FAN here..wondering if youve done something related to 3d objects from maya to AfterEffects…all ive seen online has been related to basic camera settings…i want to export models into after effects and animate them…help me…please??!! 🙂

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