Intro to Holomatrix, Pt. 2: Corner Pinning and 3D

In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz talks about perspective corner pinning and 3D with Red Giant Software’s Holomatrix – A set of tools he and Dan Ebberts created together, for Adobe After Effects. The software creates the look of Holographic Imagery, Digital Signage, Bad TV and Ghostly Apparitions.

3 thoughts on “Intro to Holomatrix, Pt. 2: Corner Pinning and 3D”

  1. hi, when we do 4 point tracking in mocha and put some keys, (whenever tracker loses its point)..after that we make roto shape and parent that shape to previous tracked layer…but that wont work properly…roto shape goes out of tracking …….why?
    i mean while tracking in prospective

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