Keep Your Wiggle Under Control

Have you ever set up a wiggle expression, gotten a result you liked, and then added another layer into your comp – only to find it changed the wiggle animation? Or maybe you changed the layer order and your wiggle animation changed? In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz, tells you why it happens and how to stop it dead in it’s tracks!

OK, Maybe that was a little over the top. But he’ll show you how to keep it from happening. And he’ll show you some creative ways to use AE’s P.I.T.A. behavior for your benefit. Watch the video in the window below.

8 thoughts on “Keep Your Wiggle Under Control”

  1. Hey thx,

    the last tip/hint you give was “2 objects with the same expresson will act the same” – how about giving one a seedRandom ?!

    watched, learned, gave back 😉

  2. geeeeeze man, SO many times i have run into this problem. Ive actually posted a question about it on creative cow with no response a long time ago, i knew it had something to do with the index #, should have known to pair it with the seedRandom. Thanks for saving me some future headaches.

  3. Great topic! I was recently frustrated by this very problem!
    A very practical use for this was when I added a camera wiggle on a comp, and then had to track the footage. I was adding a lens flare to a flashlight of a running guy. But whenever I moved layers around, the tracking information became irrelevant. So whenever the boss asked for tweaks in the comp, I had to re-track the footage to fix the lens flare position, it was very frustrating and time-consuming. This little script would have been a HUGE help

  4. wow! i can’t believe that’s how simple it is. I could’ve used this simple little tip so many times!!! Thanks for sharing the knowledge!!

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