Holomatrix Commercial is Complete!

I wrote and directed this commercial for Red Giant Software’s Holomatrix. It was filmed in Australia at Orion Media – the largest green screen studio in the southern hemisphere.You can learn more about how I filmed it from New York in this post.

Visual Effects and Audio work were then done at Outpost Pictures. I added additional effects and audio, in the final pass.

The voice over is David Brewer, my go-to VO guy, who has done the narration for the Magic Bullet Looks and Mojo commercials, as well as the Crowd Control commercial on this site.

The lead actress is Tess Woodward, an Australian model, who is also studying film in university. Her goal is eventually to direct. She was great to work with and stayed on her feet for 4 hours, right after ankle surgery.

The rest of the actors are from Crowd Control, our library of pre-keyed alpha stock footage.

Of course, a ton of Red Giant plug-ins (Trapcode, Magic Bullet, Knoll Light Factory…etc.) were used in the making of this commercial. Check out the endpage to see the full list.

15 thoughts on “Holomatrix Commercial is Complete!”

  1. Wish there was more on title design with it. Ive already watched the tutorial from motionworks but that didn’t really help me. Anything on creating the title shown in the promo? the one in the beginning.

  2. Sorry that I have to post this, I admire your work as well as from Andrew Kramer, and I have a question. Why is it not listed in your Great AE and Video Resources. You are both great, with this I donΒ΄t mean to upset you or whatever and of course you can promote those you care. but it was only a thought and sorry for it.

  3. Pedro , it’s a great question. I admire Andrew Kramer greatly. Very often, in my posts, I link to videocopilot.net. However, when I created the Links list, I wanted to use them to publicize s community sites that cross promote other sites (including this one), and people or companies I work with who have helped support this site or my work. VCP does not have a links section linking to any community site.

    However – you’re absolutely right – If I have links I am calling “Great Video Resources,” then Video Copilot should be listed. I’ve added Andrew’s site in. Thank you for pointing it out and helping to improve this site as a great part of the After Effects and Video community.

  4. Man I love the AK fanboys. Hysterical.

    Pedro – Not sure why you “have to post this” – I’m looking forward to your post on AK’s site about why he doesn’t have links to ANY other great video resources on the web. Maybe if he did we wouldn’t have to see the same thing on YouTube over and over again. To me it looks like he wants to keep all of the traffic to himself.

    Aharon – it seems like the video is down.

  5. Ok… I’ve kind of had it with the “let’s make Aharon and Andrew fight” thing. This is the last time any of this stuff shows up on my site.

    Let me be clear – Andrew and I are friends – maybe not BFF’s but we get along pretty well, and have some good talks. He has given me some great advice over the years, and I’d like to think I’ve helped him out too. Yes there will be some competition – I am the director of marketing at Red Giant Software, and Video copilot has a competing product coming out. But, as far as I’m concerned, that’s where the competition ends.

    So cut the crap, and keep the fanboy stuff off my site.

    Oh – and have a nice day πŸ™‚

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