14 thoughts on “Crowd Control Gets Props at Supermeet”

  1. I can’t imagine you would just dispose of all that work. Did you sell to someone? Is it going to be rereleased by some other company?
    After all these years I finally a have a use for it… and its gone. Do’h!!!

  2. Hi Aharon.

    I agree to the previous posts. You have done a great work and I was buing/using these videos from greenlayers.com

    Is there a way to tell us where can we find them or to whoom you can adress to? I need some of these videos asap.

    Thank you in advance for your reply!

  3. its really annoying..i was so happy when you released pre-keyed..why stop it? makes no sense

  4. ….Yeah, right?! (re: Crowd Control) What did you end up doing with all that work… I can’t believe you would just toss it away… and if you did, can I go through your trash bin? 😉

  5. Hi
    Hope all is well! Quick? do u have any suggestions we are in need of a boxing match audience and we can’t find any stock footage that works! Is there away to that in CGI? Thx

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