How Psychology Can Help Your Career

Before I ever touched an animation program, I was interested in a career in Psychology. And while it didn’t work out that way, some of what I learned while studying psychology has really helped me in my work and life. Take for example the subject of Cognitive Dissonance:

Read more about Cognitive Dissonance here. Some of it is actually accurate.

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9 thoughts on “How Psychology Can Help Your Career”

  1. Great vid Aharon, very interesting point especially in this day and age when a lot of networking is done digitally, getting five minutes of someone’s time can make the difference in getting a job in the future.

  2. Thanks for the insight. How true it is. My resume has NEVER gotten me a job, it’s always been a result of finding a way to talk with people.

  3. Aharon:

    This fits very nicely into a social media for educators group that I just became a part of; It is based on helping educators understand how to integrate web 2.0 tools into the classroom at all levels. More importantly, this is not to create a generation of “button pushers” but problem solvers, ie 21st Century Learners!

    After all, isn’t that what this whole new media thing is about?

  4. Thanks! I’ve heard it before, but it helps to hear it again at a cross-roads kind of moment!

  5. Hello Aharon my name is Dimitris im from Greece and i think that people like you missing from greek film/video production industry ?hank you for the psychology lesson and i hope to meeting you some time in our country !!!!! said
    on March 1, 2010

    Thanks again Dimitris

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