14 thoughts on “PS: Hands-On Control of Layer Styles”

  1. As a longtime Photoshop user, I never knew about that feature- always used the Layer Style palette. Thanks for sharing, love the quick tips!

  2. I discovered this by error a few months ago. It works great for positioning the radial gradient overlay.

  3. Hey thanks man. I didn’t know that one either.

    What I really want to know is when you’re going to start making some harmonica tuts…

  4. Yup! It’s a great feature. I came in terms with it the first time by just reading what it says on the bar at the top. Look, it reads “Click and drag to reposition the effect.”!
    Correct, it’s hardly noticeable, but it’s there to inform us…
    Thanks, Aharon!

  5. nice tut man…….thnx a lot
    Also, jst a suggestion nothin much dt if u could jst number ur tutz like video copilot………no comparisons, u both r equally gud in ur places n rock………bt it makes ur followers to easily track tutz jst in case if sm1 missed in between………
    thnx for all u hv been doin 4 d community…….c u around

  6. Nice 🙂
    you said you couldn’t use that later on with AE but you CAN:
    (sorry if this is too obvious)
    after youv’e created a drop shadow (for example)
    PS adds two lines below the layer (“effects” and below that “Drop Shadow”) , right click on either of them and choose “Create Layer” (3rd from the bottom) – it is now a standalone layer u can use in AE, or if you want you can merge the layer with the text itself.

    again hope i’m not stating the obvious

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