Quick Tip: Adding Motion Blur Into Your Video

Here’s a quick tip for adding motion blur into your live action video after filming. Also works for adding Motion blur into your 3D renders (like C4D stuff) in AE. Special thanks to Stu Maschwitz for taking the time to share some info and make suggestions.

And yeah – it’s shutter speed, not shutter rate. I rushed through this to keep it to under 5 minutes, and decided it wasn’t worth redoing the whole thing to correct that.

7 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Adding Motion Blur Into Your Video”

  1. Wow, this coulda been useful in a recent project I just worked on that involved stop-motion elements.

    I do use ReelSmart Motion Blur, which is great. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that when working with 2D animation that usually changes cels every 2 frames (the video isn’t at 12fps, it’s at 24fps with each frame lasting 2), and RSMB creates this stuttering look since it only blurs one frame forward and back, so it goes from blurred to not blurred to blurred to not blurred.

    Any tips on this? I WOULD speed the video up to double speed so that each cell only lasts 1 frame, but there are times when the cels are animated on ones instead of twos, or even sometimes on 3’s.

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