RGTV Ep. 37: Creating a Holographic Interface Effect

In this episode of Red Giant TV Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to quickly create the look of a holographic interface effect using Red Giant Software’s Holomatrix. He’ll also be using Digital Juice’s motion Designer Toolkit 2 for the screen elements, as well as Magic Bullet Looks for the color grading.

Note from Aharon: This isn’t a groundbreaking tutorial – It’s more of a short demonstration of how fast and simple it is to set up a cool effect with some very basic AE animation chops and the right set of tools.

19 thoughts on “RGTV Ep. 37: Creating a Holographic Interface Effect”

  1. hi there aharon.. this is nice! i agree with personman. you two are truly a masters.
    i would like to ask what is the specs of your pc (windows)
    i ahve a big problem with rendering a comp. especially with a huge amount of effects
    please help..
    you can also send your response at hnverdeprado@gmail.com
    thank you in advance!

  2. hey ahron am Amr from israel ur a master but i think that u have 2 start with advanced tutorilas working with 3d tracking and suggestions about what is the best and the fast tracking programs … or working in AFX with another programs like photoshop or 3D programs … coz u know that what make the Woow 4 the work


  3. how people get there photos after comment..do we have to register for it

    One Question…
    after keying done…we see blue or green edge on character’sborder.
    some times we eat those edges ,but if i want those edge details and specially working on hair..we eat details..how can we get those edge details

    how can we color correct the edges
    plz plz reply

  4. wow just wow man i swear your work is the best Ive seen its just the best i love your tutorials espically the futuristic ones well keep up the food work man love it espically this tutorial

  5. looks like red giant and Aaron R. are using fake “tutorial” links to bait us into watching commercials for purchasing software. No tutorials offered. I used to respect them both.

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