Bizarre AE Animation by Cyriak

Not even sure what to say about this other than “wow.”

I don’t know what this guy is smoking before he sits down with After Effects, but, damn it, I want some.

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  1. I don’t know what to say , i was laughing all time, and shocked at the same time , who is this guy ?
    People who work on after effects realize the power of this clip.
    Thank you Aharon and hope you can get a break down for this clip.

  2. That was awesome! Great that he used Ae and not Flash (I think most people would’ve resorted to Flash for something like that).

  3. See? Tedy Bears are evil. You’re welcome world, you’re welcome.

    But seriously that was out of this world. Very awesome. I would love to know how long the render for that was.

    This is extremely complex to make unless you have masterful knowledge of Expressions and the Puppet tool in AE, that is.

    I’m sure the head arms and legs of the Bears must of had their own layers. Rigged in AE using the puppet tool a few times for different animations (Bears going from left to right of the 3D camera, and Bears traveling down in Z-Space no doubt). Not to mention the amount of expressions that were probably used. Each of those elements were probably rendered out into it’s own file (.mov with the Animation codec) to save on render time and clutter.

    Use those same general steps for the cars, because I think I saw some puppet tool use there towards the end. Add on some masking and duplications of the man walking down the street getting picked up by the bears.

    Maybe the use of Particular 2 when the fat bear fell and exploded into multiple bears.

    Bottom line it was awesome. I would like to know if I’m close with explaining, in general, how all this was done. 😀

  4. hi there

    Just thought I would answer a few questions about this video…

    The render time was 1 hour 13 minutes, which wasn’t bad considering the number of animated and video layers involved. All the bears were pre-comped (but not pre-rendered), all their moving parts are animated on separate layers (I only used the puppet tool once to bend one of their knees).

    I’ve used particular a lot in my animations, but didn’t have to in this one – the exploding bears are all animated individually. There are no expressions used in any of my films, I’ve never learned how to use them – no doubt they would be useful for repeating movements but I like the level of control I have with keyframes.

    Some of the cars were distorted using mesh-warp rather than the puppet tool, and all the rest is many many animated masks and mattes. Strangely enough, the hardest part was animating the giant bear in the background.

    I probably wont be back to see any other questions so if you have any then you can get in touch via my website.



  5. That was really something. What do you think that finally happened to the Bear…………………………

  6. I have stared into the mouth of madness, and it is full of teddy bears.

    That totally blew my mind.

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