New Tutorial Coming Soon – Retro Vector Video Game Look

One of the first tutorials I ever intended to do for Red Giant TV was to re-create my favorite video game of all time – The Star Wars Arcade Game from the early 80’s. But it proved a little too daunting given a new baby and not enough quiet time to take on this massive task (and trust me there is a ton of cool stuff going on in this animation, a lot of it under the hood).

Thanks to some additional help in the Red Giant marketing department (namely Harry Frank, who I absolutely love working with), I finally found the time needed to get  it recorded. It’s over an hour long, and, when it’s done, you’ll probably know a lot more about retro-vector style animation in AE than you ever wanted to.  It uses a ton of  Red Giant PlaneSpace, Trapcode Particular, and Red Giant Text Anarchy, plus a lot of expressions to automate much of the behavior. Hope to have it on Red Giant TV next week.

One thought on “New Tutorial Coming Soon – Retro Vector Video Game Look”

  1. I really wish I could find that game for PC… I guess I’ll just have to make do with Asteroids and Missile Command for now though.

    Looking forward to it! Stuff like this always catches peoples eyes when they see it on a TV because it brings back memories.

    btw, how is the interview video with John Knoll coming along? Has there been a snag and it can’t be seen due to copyrights?

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