RGTV Ep. 39: Creating a 1980’s Retro Video Game Look

In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz walks you through the process of creating the look of a vector style arcade game from the early 1980’s. He’ll use PlaneSpace, Particular, & Text Anarchy, as well as expressions and other techniques.

14 thoughts on “RGTV Ep. 39: Creating a 1980’s Retro Video Game Look”

  1. hey aharon!
    i want to watch your tuts very much but there is aproblem with the player.
    i have to wait along time until the tut is playing and i dont have the pause button to stop and play the tut.
    the only tutorials that i can see is the one that is linked to vimeo.
    i tried to watched on few computers with diferent operation system and i had the same problem.
    if you could do something about this problem i will apriciate.
    thanks alot

  2. I dont know why but some how its working fine now.
    keep on going with the good stuff.
    thanks from israel.

  3. Do you know which program is Videocopilot using to record screen and voice to make video tutorials?

  4. hey! Aharon….this tutorial is great
    i’ve learnt a lot from this tut…
    wel i have a favor to ask….i saw a movie “Constantine” b director Francis Lawrence….well in the movie there is a scene when actor goes in the hell….i got quite amazed by seeing that scene n i want to make it myself….but i’m nt able to reproduce the smoke kind of effect they used in that…Can u plz help me in that….ur help will b highly appreciated…Thanx

  5. There is definitely a lot of 3D in there, which I just can’t break down for you here, but a lot of it is color correction and displacement maps to simulate a hot uncomfortable environment. What effects particular are you talking about?

    I thought I w w only person to see Constantine…

  6. Well i am talking about the smoke that is coming out of different objects like they are breaking in particles and it kinds of create a cool effect that wind is blowing very fast and objects are breaking down into particles……can u plz help me with that smoke kind of effect….n wel thanx for the help….i am also thinking the same that they use a lot of colour correction and displacement maps….


    wel u may say that i am very interested and attracted towards hell,fantasy,gothic,etc. kind of things…..

  7. A lot of that can be done with Trapcode Particular and maybe even Form. I did a tutorial on dissolving logo’s, text, and people. You can find it on the site. Maybe that will help.

  8. oh! yeah thanx…..wel some of my friends and i are making a short movie on supernatural kind of things so i require that effect for a scene and thanx to u may b i am able to reproduce it……

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