Something to Make You Drool at NAB

I’m not going to get into a spiel about how I think big product announcements is a waste of time for anyone but big companies like Red or Apple (ok, and maybe Black Magic who probably stole the show with their news). What I will say is, if you look past the hype, you can find some small companies doing really cool stuff. For example, take Lightcraft Tech, sitting in a tiny booth all the way in the back of the South Lower Hall (SL11221).

This is the technology used on the show “V” to pump out hundreds of VFX shots a week for Zoic (That guy in the video who isn’t me is one of the VFX guys for the show). Perfect keying, 3D camera matching, and pre-visualization  in real-time. The same technology has been used on Heroes at Stargate Digital.

Oh yeah – the entire system fits in a briefcase.

You may remember I discovered this company years ago, at a small conference in NYC – here’s a video.  As you can see, it has progressed dramatically since that time, but I knew when I saw it that it would change post production.

If you get a chance, check it out at NAB, and tell Eliot Mack, the inventor I sent you (He also invented the Roombah – yeah, that cleaning robot).

13 thoughts on “Something to Make You Drool at NAB”

  1. What impresses about the keying is the fact that the screen looks like it was not lit “correctly” at all. Lots of shadow and unevenness. Pretty sweet that the auto pull looks clean (at least as recorded)

  2. Well it would be great to view this but it seems it says one has to pay vimeo to watch this as it is a private video only open to vimeo plus members…. 🙁

  3. Yes Eduardo – this is not something you actually buy unless your a serious production company. However, as it becomes more widely used, and cheaper (which is what usually happens when technology becomes more widely adopted) it’s the kind of thing you may be able to rent or that a studio may have when you rent the space. At least that’s my hope.

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