3 thoughts on “Free Project File: Text and the City 2”

  1. Aharon, I find your podcasts on Red Giant TV very helpful and informative. I wanted to give you a heads up on the link on this blog posting isn’t working correctly. In Chrome, when I click on the link in the sentence “Free Project file is available at RedGiantPeople.com” I go to http://http//redgiantpeople.com/Explore/PresetDetail.aspx?PresetId=797. Note the extra http//

    Also when attempting to sign up for an account at RedGiantPeople, I almost gave up. After entering all of the information, the server would not accept the page. I had to leave the page and then browse back to it before it would accept the form. It seems that once you get an error, it doesn’t work.

  2. Hi and thanks in advance.
    However I also have the same problem with creating an acct and logging in at RedGiant People. 🙁

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