Music Creation For People With Talent (in other areas)

It’s probably not a surprise to you, but a lot of people that are talented in the visual arts (such as animation or motion graphics),  are talented in other disciplines – often music. Maybe they sing, or play the guitar or the harmonica, as a break from the daily grind.

While I can play several instruments (most of them badly, though a few passably) by ear, I’ve spent most of my time developing  my self on the visual side – because that’s where I had the most potential to earn a living and still be very happy. But because I have a love of music and creative streak in that area, I am picky about the music I use in my projects. I really want a lot of control over as much of it as I can, even though I don’t have the skills for that.

Companies like SmartSound and Digital Juice both offer very customizable music – I won’t argue about how artistic it is – Clients seem to like it, and it gives me the level of control I need to make it match with my visuals. But I can’t tell you how often I want to take the music I have actually composed in my head and turn that into the real music to which I create my visuals. Without proper formal musical training, though, that has not been possible. Until now.

OK… uh… Until soon. Check out this video from uJam, a new company offering a very unique and promising musical technology. If you can hum, whistle, sing, or play an instrument – you can create complex music:

This video is not the best demo of the technology that I have seen – but it gives you an idea of what it can do. From what I have seen from other videos, it can actually create some very orchestral and real-sounding stuff, as well.

I am hoping to get into the beta, but even if not, I will definately explore the technology for my projects when it is finally released.

10 thoughts on “Music Creation For People With Talent (in other areas)”

  1. Martin – From what I’ve seen, you can entirely remove vocals. If you can whistle, then that works too.

    Regarding the technical stuff, and the lack of explanation, I actually emailed them with some suggestions on improving their presentation so it doesn’t seem like magic or super technical. I have not heard back. I’d be glad to help them out, if they asked. But they haven’t.

    Feel free to tell them all about me 😉

  2. I’ve seen the video, and it was fantastic! Just supply the vocals, and the program will adjust the settings for you. Imagine if we had this technology when the Beatles ruled the air waves. I wonder what music styles they would have incorporated. Do you think it’s possible to create autotune effects using Ujam?

  3. Hi Aharon,

    Here is a bit of an update for you or anybody else who
    may be interested. I brought this instead U.S. $35.00.

    Music MasterWorks

    There is no comparison with UJam intended here.
    but if you want a product on your machine and not
    in your browser that has basically the same functionaliy.

    Then this one after four hours of research came out well
    on top.

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