Crowd Control is Back!

Crowd Control is back, baby! It took a lot longer than we wanted, but it’s working even better than we’d hoped!

You can now get Crowd Control clips at

You’ve probably noticed that it’s now hosted and operated by

First off, I wanted to let you know that if you previously purchased credits, you still have them. Just log in and go to town.

I also want to say that I’m really happy and excited that ToolFarm has taken on managing this incredible product. I wanted to find a solution that meant something good for my customers, and thankfully ToolFarm is a company that cares as much about it’s customers as I do. I lost a lot of sleep trying to find a win/win situation for all, and this relationship puts my mind at ease, because I know that my customers will be taken care of.

ToolFarm is the same company that handles distribution of plug-ins and products from companies like, Red Giant Software and many others. They are great people to work with and I am proud to see them taking on this product.

To be clear – Crowd Control is now fully operated by ToolFarm, and not a property belonging to me. I am here to continue to talk about it because I absolutely love it (and helped create it) and want to make sure it flourishes under the new team running the show, should they need my guidance.

With Crowd Control off my plate, this means I can get back to doing the 2 most important things in my life: spending time with my family and creating tutorials to help all of you in your work. Thanks again for your support throughout all of this.

19 thoughts on “Crowd Control is Back!”

  1. Iยดm really happy its all good now – especially that the credits and even all of the user settings got transfered to Toolfarm. Well done Aharon! But how does it feel to you to give one of your “babies” away, (although Toolfarm are some good stepparents ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  2. So that is why the intial 2 – 3 week estimate to get it back up and running turned into months! You sly old dog, well I am glad to see it is in safe hands and back up and running anyway, I’m going over now to check it out.


  3. great job in working on getting it back and running their is an issue with it when going to the site it shows that it has been discontinued

  4. Aharon !
    it’s not possible !! where is the stock. your work is intemporel.
    we have need always any pre keyed .
    the are perfect.
    it was an excellent idea.

    what i can for buy the stock and re distributed.
    sorry for my english . poor french …

  5. Just went to check out Crowd Control, but now it’s discontinued, why?

    Me thinks Marc’s comment is pointing you in the right direction, without the dummy bit of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I agree with everyone here, I really don’t understand why it was discontinued, there’s a huge demand for this and not only me but lots of peope believe me !!

  7. I am sad to hear Crowd Control is no longer available. I am sure you had good reasons to bring it down. I hope one day you will reconsider selling it, maybe through VideoHive or other places like that. I can imagine it is quite a feat to put something like that together. The Death Eater tutorial was really cool, as was the cloud tutorial using similar stock.

  8. Wow. Just went to check the prices on Crowd control found this post. Didn’t read the comments first, went to the link you provided to the tool farm. Can’t find mention of it there. Came back here and read the comments, and well, this is a bummer. So let me see if I get this right. You sold your footage to them, rights and all. And they decided to not sell it anymore. You have no recourse, because it’s their footage now, not yours. Is that about right? I hope you got paid a lot. You are a good guy, Aharon, and I’ve learned a lot from you over the years. I hope you made money on it. Tool farm apparently doesn’t care about customers as much as you (and we) were made to believe. Alas. Must be crappy for you to know that all your hard work is just gone. Alas.

  9. Hi Shawn – I appreciate the kind words. Toolfarm did their best, but because of the cost of keeping this on-line, there was no way to keep the price down, which defeated the purpose. At that point the decision was made to take the library offline. Not enough people were buying, it just wasn’t worth it for all parties involved.

  10. Hi Aharon, Have you looked into selling your Crowd Control clips on Pond5? We buy a lot of footage through them. We’ve never sold anything through them though, but it looks like they only charge a commission when purchased with no hosting fee. I am still interested in reviewing and purchasing some of these clips.
    Cheers, -Matt

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