I am an Unfunny Sellout Turd

Hey folks – every once in a while I get a really nice thank you letter. I thought I’d share this one:

Message: If you’re going to be such a little sellout turd and throw products in my face all the time, could you at least please like, TRY to be funny.  “Im this guy and im gonna tell cheesy jokes but its cool cuz i know they’re cheesy”.  No dude, you suck.  Just give me the information, and shut the hell up.  Half of the the damn video is wasted waiting for your non-punchlines.  GUESS WHAT-  people want to learn AE, nobody wants to hear you dad’s  jokes. SHUT THE HELL UP.  no one cares about your “friendly approach”.  be mean if u want to, the internet doesnt care.  we’re all at work, ok?  just give us the facts and uh, o yeah …. SHUT UP. Mee

Well, Mee, you’re welcome. I appreciate the fact that, despite my shortcomings, you’re desperate enough to need to watch my tutorials so that you can get paid at work. I am sure that as you animate that logo for a brand, you are 100% behind that brand and believe it to be the best damned toilet paper, toothpaste, TV show, itch cream, or stain remover, and that you are not just using your skills to “sell out” so you can pay your rent.

FWIW – I stand behind the products I talk about, and am proud to do so. Working with Red Giant, I have not only been given an opportunity to produce and host a great series of tutorials, I have actually been a part of the process of bringing those products to market.

And as far as my sense of humor goes, you’ll get no apologies, Mee. My target audience is… males… who are my age… who are me.  So unless someone is holding you at gunpoint, forcing you to watch my tutorials (I assume it’s the same guy who is forcing millions of people to buy iPhone 4’s even though they suck), you can try something really different and groundbreaking, and TURN THEM OFF.

Oh, and… uh… you’re welcome.

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  1. Sorry for the extra post, but I would like to clarify that although most tutorial presenters may not prepare their material ahead of time, it is obvious that the tutorials here are thought out ahead of time — so I appreciate the content being padded with humor rather than padded with the typical “umms, ahhss,” and mistakes of other tutorials.

  2. Still trying to grasp the fact that someone is complaining about FREE TRAINING on tips they should already know if they are such wonderful MoGraph designers already.

    Internet tough-guys.

  3. My friend there is so many jerks out there and you are by far NOT one of them, you are very appreciated in AE community, thanks for all this years and the ones that will come!

  4. If you don’t like what’s on television change the channel or go start your own station. If you don’t like listening to you talk all day, go find a different tutorial or start your own website and do your own tutorials where you tell better jokes. But I’m sure you’ll find bad jokers who put out tutorials everywhere; Andrew K., John D., or Harry F..

  5. I wonder if hatemailers actually realise how inane they sound. You keep doing what you do best Aharon. Your humour is awesome, as is your talent.

  6. WOW! What a crappy comment. What’s so wrong about adding some personality to your presentation. If I wanted to learn AE w/o personality I would read the manual! Your personality is what endears you to so many people.

    You are an extremely talented person who has, fortunately , been able to make a living doing what you love. There is a reason why RGS hired you as well as CreativeCow. People forget that you ARE providing tutorials and w/o those they would be left with the manual.

    In the immortal words of Billy Joel – “Don’t go changin’, to try to please Mee!”


  7. “hatemailers”, great way to put it. Don’t worry Aharon, we all know where these bozos are coming from… insecure jealousy. You are teaching people worlwide and we very much appreciate it. Mean folks just need to vent their trash and never really could before. Now they can. Look at all of the emails attacking people who use/like the iPhone… is there anything more ridiculous? But don’t forget the the best are often attacked. Keep up the good work.

  8. You well thought out tutorials are both insightful and entertaining. Keep doing what you do Aharon. If anything, do what you do more often.

  9. I’m reminded of the old saying, “Like water under a ducks bridge”.

    You’re an inspiration to us all, Aharon. Keep up the good work and lame jokes. 😉


  10. If it was constructive criticism, then I can understand, but this is just someone who’s upset at life/self/work and wants an outlet. I personally love the delivery. It’s engaging and remember that there are a lot of really good products/tutorials that don’t do well because nobody sells them properly. You try to interact with the audience and the jokes are meant as a breather which is good. And this quote works well: “I may not know the secret to success, but I do know what isn’t, and that’s trying to make everyone else happy.” ~Cosby. Keep it coming Aharon and don’t let em’ bring you down!


  11. Well, I’m no psychologist (though I really like to analyze people); it sounds like Mee is a person without a single cell of creativity. Learning is supposed to be a fun experience, learning new things at a personal level that really makes what you’ve learned from the tutorial to stick to your brain (some memorable quote from the instructor?)

    People who have to have things fed to them with a silver spoon, or more like ramming a dirty, rusty spoon into their mouth; often lack versatility in what they are learning, because they learn how to do a certain shot and effect with a certain technique with really specific steps.

    The VFX business has by the years turned into a fun community that loves sharing workflows and techniques, and discussing different ideas. It’s a shame that some people doesn’t understand that “FUN” is a key role in the business, where creation is the goal of it all.
    So it’s really boring to have these stone cold, serious gits that appears to despise working with VFX, like a 60 year old, bald virgin working in a cubicle landscape doing other people’s taxes…

  12. Hmmm… I agree with him in some ways, but that’s why I stopped watching. I appreciate what you do. Just not my style. I’d never write you hate mail though, jeez. Hope you gave him a refund, lol.

  13. Wow!
    Well I’d like to take the time to actually say THANK YOU for taking the time (where you could otherwise be making more money) to share your knowledge with the rest of us who actually want to learn 🙂

    Now keep givin’ us the facts, keep telling the jokes and DON’T SHUT UP 🙂


  14. pffft… What I dislike about the internet is that it gives people a sense of empowerment that their opinion is weightier than anyone else’s. I seem to recall John Dickinson receiving a similar comment (although that one was about tutorials devaluing the industry), but the vitriol was of the same ilk.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that we can tell Mee that if he doesn’t like it, to stop watching. Hundreds of hours of free training (in the form of tutorials) needs financial support. That support coming from Red Giant Software is far more appropriate than if Aharon were to become a spokesman for Victoria’s Secret (although that would be something to see!), or suddenly switching to Apple Motion for no immediately discernible reason.

    People will complain, never understanding their hypocrisy. But don’t worry about them: their parents will buy them whatever the hell they want anyway.

  15. Well, I don’t know this guy “Mee” and I’ve never seen your videos or tutorials, actually, Aharon, but I have dealt with negative criticism (read: “A-h___s”) before and I find that whatever it is they are “complaining about” isn’t what’s really bothering them. (never is really. Deep down inside, you know?) So, like the “four agreements” that everyone has been posting on FB recently, don’t ever take it personally.

    For more karmic (sp?) goodness, if you ever want to help sponsor our film group out here, let me know.

    Carry on, Aharon!

  16. I’m just a VFX enthusiast/science teacher. If it weren’t for people like you Aharon I’d be just a science teacher. I have watched a ton of tuts and fallen asleep during a few. It is the interjection of humor that makes this dry content bearable. You have inspired me to create my own tutorials for my students (thanks to Internet Killed the Video Star) and I have laced them with my own cheesy humor that makes the viewer’s pay attention.
    The average person’s attention span is 7 minutes. You need to break content up to be more effective. You do that incredibly well Aharon. Keep it up!
    @Seth Hancock; The Billy Joel reference is priceless!

  17. Whatever you do, Aahron, don’t SHUT UP. I guess this person is so busy trying to learn something that is maybe beyond his abilities that anything extra shorts not only his wiring but his manners as well.

    I personally prefer your tutorials and your equally funny friend Eran Stern as both you guys cut the stagnation of tutorials and make them fun and easy to watch without getting narcalepsy. Most of the other tutorials out there, with the exception of a choice few like yourself, are like reading stereo instructions at an accountant’s seminar. We’ve learned so much about you and had fun doing it and that is to be admired not sneered upon.

    Why doesn’t MEE shot thyself ceremoniously or perhaps become a renegade accountant who has heart bypass and badmouths the surgeon in charge of saving his life. Maybe MEE’s switch should be thrown, the house lights brought down, or maybe just a well deserved banishment from decent society where we learned to wipe our mouths and other places needing cleaning without whining like a baby with a dirty diaper.

    I’m not reallly one to pull cheap shots, but I think MEE might have drawn the short straw in the lot draw of life and perhaps you are the scapegoat that represents the success that has escaped this person.

    So, keep that chin up and know that everyone out there who are worth their salt loves you and what you do. Laugh all the way to the bank I say. Don’t worry about the envious with dirty diapers and frowning faces and parents who neglected to hold them and teach them any manners. You are far superior.

    More power to you. TURD POWER?!?!?

  18. Rodney Dangerfield got no respect, or so he said, and he is one of the most beloved celebrities of our time.
    He changed the popular culture and brought laughter with a dose of reality to millions and millions.
    Don’t worry about the lone hater out there and bask in the glow of all that is Rabinowicz. A class act as well. Promise!

  19. What an ungrateful man, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it go somewhere else. Aharon is giving all this tutorials for free, you should thank him for sharing his knowledge. Thank you for all your work Mr. Aharon Rabinowitz..

  20. Teksetta: I don’t tell jokes in my training, it’s not my style. Aharon has his style and that’s great. Everyone who watches free tutorials should be thankful that people like Aharon, myself, Harry and the like, even bother…. 15 years ago, before web tutorials I read the manual from cover to cover!

  21. I think the hater is emotionally challenged a forgot to take their meds. Aharon is one of our Guru’s and mentor, and we like him alot the way he is thank-you. go play in another sandbox hater.

  22. What an odious little toe-rag. As someone has already said, some people’s sense of entitlement beggars belief.

    I’m just starting with AE and am so grateful to ALL the guys who take the time to produce free video tutorials. I have too many bad memories of learning C & UNIX from manuals back in the ’80s.

    P.S. I suspect ‘Mee’ is short for Me! Me! Me!

  23. Thanks Aharon for your great tutorials. Thanks for making something that can be quite involved and tedious, FUN. You are in the public eye, so you may get some people who are jealous of your success. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Keep on being yourself.

  24. This site, like many, is what it is, a site for learning and entertainment. This includes making people aware of the products out there and what they’re used for. I personally enjoy a sense of humor to make the knowledge offered more palatable. I may not always laugh, but I often smile. I see no reason for MEE to attack the host’s integrity. It’s especially disturbing when it comes from someone who admits to having to use the site to learn but hides behind one of those rediculous avitars or gravitars, or whatever the heck you people call those psuedonyms, instead of using his real name. Where is MEE’s integrity?!

  25. wow…there are some sorry-ass peices of crap out there! and even though i know this, it still surprizes me when one of them takes the time to crawl out from their dark, shadowy hole and attempt to enlighten us with their infinant (or infant) wisdom! mee? (is that your name?) you are a sad little clown with nothing to look forward to in your pathetic life. we understand though….most teenagers like yourself go through a “i hate myself and everyone else” faze. sorry your mommy didn’t hug you enough…but she was busy getting tatoos and “socializing”.

  26. My only issue is the looping crowd control video – I have no problem with advertising but it would be nice to have the option to stop the video after the first loop.

    The loop is distracting when I am trying to read articles – I could re-size the browser but why make me do that?

    Thanks for all the free tips and techniques.

  27. HAHAHAHA …. What a tool that guy is. Sense of humor def corny.. But I think that’s what makes people like yourself and Andrews Kramer so damn popular.. lol Thanks alot.

  28. May be this “Mee” has a trouble in his life and couldn’t stand it so he blew up at your face :). You know Aharon, these guys are all around the internet and I’m sure you receive a lot of these hate messages as I’m sure you, me and all the followers know very well that YOU ARE REALLY FUNNY. Internet is full of these people and as we say here in Egypt, “If you aren’t in your town, You can walk NAKED in the Street as long as nobody knows you”.
    We appreciate your work Aharon and I hope you keep up the good work you do and thanks for aaaaaaaaall your tutorials Specially the RedGiant’s one ;).

  29. Aharon, keep doing what you do. I like extra cheese in my tutorials. You always get to the point and teach me something , and that is the point of all this, right? I am sure Mee is a very minuscule percentage compared to your faithful followers. I honestly can’t understand why you even took the time and effort to address his non-constructive criticism comment.

  30. Wow! What a spoiled, ingrate that person is. He/she has some serious bad karma coming their way. I still frequent a lot of the “tutorial” websites and watch because there is always some little thing tucked away inside even a process I may be familiar with creating. But I can’t bear to read the comments because they’ve gotten so rude and filled with a sense of entitlement. Particularly over at AE Tuts. Even at Kramer’s site which is usually full of gushing fan mail – the demands from viewers for something better or harder or more complex. Wow! Just wow! You Aharon and the rest of your crowd are awesome. I know it’s partially if not wholly to generate traffic to your site but still for greedy ingrates to not take into consideration the generosity of spirit that goes into making a “good” tutorial. It’s just a pathetic reflection on human beings. Whew, man. Rock on bro! I would say F that guy but he’s probably just some spoiled kid. Time will teach him all he needs to learn about life.

  31. I’ve never posted on your site before but I’ve always enjoyed your tuts, both the ones you presented and the ones you gave yourself. I must have missed the “cheesey jokes:, could you repeat some of them so I could understand what to look for. I hope it wasn’t the one where you said: “My God! It’s full of stars.” I laughed out loud at that one.

  32. Aharon no matter what such a twat like Mee can say, since a long time ago you are a spotlight to follow with your tutorials!
    And I wish to had a teacher when i was learning the beginings of after effects that use cheesy jokes around his classes…mmmmm….well i wish had a teacher who teach me after effects correctly….
    Cheers from Spain

  33. With an attitude like that karma is bound to go ‘Tarantino’ on their ass sooner or later… I wonder where a person like that would be without all these lovely free tuts…( Oh yes! I know your type!! ) How dare they make demands and criticize such generous offerings… AR, AK, ES & associates all deliver high end goodies with style, professionalism and wit… and for the most part free for God’s sake!
    Bite the big one wanker and start sourcing your clinically anal boring tut requirements somewhere else… Oh!… hang on!… there is no where else! (worth a pinch of kangaroo poo) ARRRHHH!!! the arrogance of some people…
    Cheers bru for all the nifty tips…

  34. Who the f*** this Wee uh Mee think he his !!!
    I will never understand people who just want to consume the good work without those who make them so good interesting inspiring and most of the time really helpful and “super marrant”.
    From france,
    all my love Aharon Rabinowitz keep the good work !

    gnakli (editor and wannabe director )

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