Quicktip: Old Film Look with Light Leaks

Red Giant Quicktip #17: Old Film Look
In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create an old film look with light leaks. He’ll be using Trapcode Particular to create the light leaks, and the tools in Magic Bullet Looks to create the look of old damaged footage.

iPod/iPad-Freindly Version on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Quicktip: Old Film Look with Light Leaks”

  1. Great tip! I don’t have Trapcode but your video inspired me to fiddle with CC Particle Systems to see if I could make a similar effect.

  2. I’ll be honest I watched this just to see how much your daughter has grown – she is adorable – definitely your best work : -)

    Nice old film effect – the iPhone even at that resolution looks great – shocking – after all the Red Giant effects the thing that really tied it together for me was the jump cut – that small detail really helped to sell the fancy stuff. I think that is the biggest lesson I’ve learned from you over all_ attention to detail_Guess I’ll have to bust out my kids old NY city park swing set shots and see if I can emulate this.

    Thanks for the tut and the tips. Best wishes.

  3. Thanks Jim – this is old footage. Check out the Tiny inventions video at Red Giant Software (RGTV EP 47) to see a picture of her now. Even I’m amazed at how much she’s grown.

  4. Wow! and Wow again!

    I just finished watching that episode.

    #1 Noa is so grown up – what a beauty – love that photo effect and your Viewfinder transitions – very cool.

    #2 That presentation was awesome – I learned so much from their explanations. My son loves stop motion – he is going to get such a valuable education from that generous 30 minute video. Thank you for the heads up. Those two are amazing talents. Pass my admiration on to them. Loved your concluding statement at about 31:29 or so – lol.

    Rock on Aharon!

  5. Nice hack for Trapcode. This is super helpful and very timely. Thanks! I’m building this now and finding that the Smokelet particle type seems to give a bit more of an organic look.

  6. Aharon, I’m looking for the MBL effect that you added that added all the funk and the gate weave. I cannot see any reference to that on the RG site? I own MBL but have never seen any reference to this effect


  7. how to create an old film look ( black and white some thing like charlie chaplin movies)?
    Thanks for the tut. nice girl.

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