Update on Crowd Control

Hi Folks –

The Crowd Control site is finally progressing very quickly. I gave a customer access to the new site to test for the user experience and there are still a few minor kinks (it charged him 3 times for 1 purchase, some timeout issues for larger files – which I think we may have licked last night) but we are just about there. Download is fast! Really fast. You may remember we were getting DL speeds of 20 Kbps. Yeech. Check this out:

With 2 clips downloading at once, I was getting over 500 Kbps per clip.

For a single clip we got even higher speeds:

Over 700 Kbps! That's 35 times faster than previous speeds!

So we’re really almost there. Thanks so much for your patience on all of this. It has been a really tough ride for everyone involved, but with the help of some friends (more info coming soon) we will be able to offer you a lot more with the new setup.

Hopefully we can get this payment issue worked out fast, so people can start using the site ASAP.

6 thoughts on “Update on Crowd Control”

  1. Rock on! You guys are doing great work over there, and this partnership between you and Toolfarm is going to take the Post Production world by storm! Thanks for everything, and keep us all apprised.

  2. yeah – we have not announced yet, because it is not fully switched over, but we had to throw the switch before finishing up final fixes. News will follow shortly.

    But yes, it is up and yes it does work.

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