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I just watched part of a web series from Seth Worley, called “Adventure Now” and I really enjoyed it.  While the series has religious undertones, which is not generally something I’m a fan of,  it’s truly well written and well filmed. Also, it’s funny, smart, and original which is something you don’t see too often from interweb filmmakers. I didn’t watch the whole thing – just Season 3 – but there is a great primer/recap if you’ve never seen season 1 & 2.

Adventure Now 3 – Episode 0 “Exposition: Impossible” from Seth Worley on Vimeo.

The only complaint I have is that the audio blows out when the actors yell. But given the very tight budget and the huge undertaking this must have been, I can live with it. While the series is full of vfx, you almost don’t notice them; with a few exceptions they aren’t over the top or fake-looking. The storytelling is fantastic, and that’s what makes it all work. After watching it through I have a ton of respect for Seth and his team.

If you enjoyed the recap, you can watch the rest of the season on Seth’s Vimeo page.

UPDATE: I just discovered that you can listen to the original soundtrack (which is pretty damn good) right HERE.

UPDATE 2: I just found out that the above score was composed by Seth’s 17-year old brother and his school band friends. Wow.

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