Spy Photo: New FREE Presets For After Effects

Introducing Spy Photo, a new set of FREE presets for Adobe After Effects that makes it easy to create the look of snapshots taken by a spy or private investigator, as seen in film and TV. The presets are dynamic, and require no keyframes. Just marks where you want the effect to happen. After Effects will do the rest.

  • Works with After Effects CS3 and later.
  • No 3rd-Party plug-ins are required.
  • NEW: Universal – Will work in any language version of AE.
  • NEW: Works in AE CS5.5!

Get the Presets HERE.

The presets were created by Dan Ebberts and Aharon Rabinowitz. Here is a video explaining how to use them:

UPDATE: I just updated the expressions in these presets to work in all language versions of AE. If you downloaded before November 24th, you might want to re-download and use the updated versions.

UPDATE:We just added a new Feature called Hold and Resume. Here’s a video that explains it:

27 thoughts on “Spy Photo: New FREE Presets For After Effects”

  1. Thank you Aharon and Dan SO MUCH for all your contributions making this community a great place to live.

    Because i’m not very familiar with advanced expressions, there’s one question that i have regarding the first used Spy Photo Preset in the Tut.
    Am i able to change the value from where the playback continues from where the flash/freeze has been set, rather than having the “jump cut” in time (after x-frames of freeze duration)?

    Hopefully you know what i mean by that.

    thanks a million.

  2. Hi Aharon,
    sorry for bothering you. As i see no reply to my question (see above), have i missed something in the tutorial video ralate to my question?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Thomas – we implemented the feature you requested. Watch the second video (above) and download the latest version. You can now do either a freeze and resume (like you want) or freeze and jump cut..

  4. Every good spy movie needs a “Mission Impossible”-esque sound track. I noticed your tutorial had a little of this at the beginning and end. Wondering where you got it from?

  5. This is very cool, thanks so much for giving it away.

    I couldn’t resist tweaking it a bit though, I added a color hold check box so that the black&white effect would only last for the flash duration but not during the rest of the hold. Gives it a bit more modern style photo effect. Was very easy to do since you setup all the hard work already. Thanks again.

  6. Hey Aharon,
    Wow! I’m knocked off my socks!!!
    Thank you so much for implementing my request.

    Great to have you on planet earth 🙂

  7. Been looking for this preset for long,i’m new to your tutorials man i spend most of my time in videocopilot and am really forward to your tutorials.
    from Botswana.Southern Africa.God bless

  8. Hi Aharon, I’m having a strange problem… I get only 1 frame of solid white and 20 frames of freeze duration at the marker with no desaturation. Then, 2 seconds later, the flash comes on and the video is black and white. I am just using the default settings… Any ideas? Thanks for all you do…

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