Off the Grid for a Bit (sort of)

Hey folks – I had a bunch of stuff well planned for the site through the end of the year, so naturally,  my son (name TBD) decided to come into this world, 3 weeks early. He was born on Saturday, December 4th weighing it at only 6 lbs, and 19″ tall.We’re all excited and exhausted. We left the hospital with him feeling almost none of the fear we had with our first kid – which only proves how much we’ve forgotten since the last one.

Anyway, I’ll be off the grid for a while, but as you can see below, not completely. I won’t be responding to too much, but you never know.

22 thoughts on “Off the Grid for a Bit (sort of)”

  1. How often can you say that you delivered on a project 3 weeks early! Congratulations to you, your wife, the rest of the family and TBD.

  2. Hey man congratulations !!! but keep your baby off of all the electronics artifacts !!! at least at he start to use a computer in the future!!!
    saludos y felictaciones desde Argentina !!! 🙂

  3. Wow! Congrats on your second. If I remember your first one was a girl and now you have a boy. ..complete family. You definitely have your hands full now!

  4. Congrats! Welcome back into the “newborn” club. I’m guessing (hoping) whatever nifty iPhone photo app you’re using caused his sinister-looking black eyes?

  5. Actually Captain Byfield, my son’s sinister black eyes may have something to do with his ability to read minds. He seems to know exactly when i want to go to sleep and chooses that time to start crying for a meal. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. Congrats Aharon but I seriously think you should change the name.
    TBD really leaves him open to a lot of ridicule during the high school years!!!

    TBD=Tiny Bald Dude

  7. Aharon….what a beautiful baby! Congratulations. LOL to Lou Borella’s post. I’m sure you have named him by now. Thank you for all of the tutorials you put up. I enjoy them because they are so helpful to me!

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