Crowd Control Discontued

Hey folks – ToolFarm has made the decision to discontinue Crowd Control.  An email from Colin Sharp (Toolfarm, Inc.) states: 

“After much thought, it has been decided by Toolfarm and the developers of Crowd Control, to stop the sale of their pre-keyed footage. The direction of this service has not met the desired standard, and as a result the footage will not be offered for public sale after March 31st 2011.”

I can tell you from experience that keeping all of that content up on the servers was very expensive, and frankly, there was not a lot of interest – that is very few people were buying. We really tried to deliver a quality product at an affordable price, and while there was a small group of people who loved it, it wasn’t enough to sustain the business. I know it’s disappointing – I’m really bummed myself – and I am sorry for any trouble this may have caused you.

Moving forward, I will endeavor to provide great content, and hopefully, some cool products moving forward. Thanks.

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