18 thoughts on “Video Blog: February 2011 Update”

  1. Thanks for the update, Aharon. Your kid’s a natural. Eyes on the camera and takes direction very well. Looking forward to future postings!

  2. This video practically has no special effects on it but it’s so CUUUUUUTE. Winner! 😀

  3. He’s way too cute Aharon – will he be traveling around NAB with ya?! Hope to see you soon man. All the best from Chels and moi.

  4. Are you still open for biz? It’s been 2 months since anything new. I know time demands as a parent if you have one kid is like having “none” and having 2 kids is like having “ten”.

    Sorry to see Crowd Control go, esp after the 4-month wait for the site to come back up. Not sure why (besides slow volume). Maybe it will come back.

  5. Really cute.
    Looking forward to new tutorials.
    I found lots of good tips in your older ones.
    When are you going to do some new ones?

  6. Aharon, mate! What’s up? it’s been a while since you have posted anything. I am getting a bit worried. I have been following you since the days of the cow & it’s been 3 month’s since you have posted anything. Is all ok with your family?

  7. Dear Aharon!

    Nice video there with the new up comign tutor!
    What is happening with Crowd Control?
    We need urgently stock…when and where can we get it? What will happen to the existing library?

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