Plot Device is Online!

Many of you may have caught that I was working on a film with Seth Worley for Red Giant. I’ve not been able to say much until now, but today, the film has been released online as a part of the Magic Bullet Suite 11 Launch. Here it is:

I am truly blessed to be working at Red Giant, a company that supports creativity in it’s employees. They backed this film and gave me full autonomy in making it happen. Furthermore, I want to thank Stu Maschwitz for believing in the project, so much so, that he was willing to let us put our work together with his labor of love, Magic Bullet Suite 11 – software you must have if you are a filmmaker.

Behind the Scenes

On the non-RG side of things, I can’t thank Director Seth Worley enough for making this happen. While he and I co-wrote the film, he, along with his incredible team, did the heavy lifting. That’s not false modesty – my job was pretty easy compared to what they had to do on a very limited budget. I literally sat back and watched as they turned our ideas into a beautiful reality. I did get very involved with color correction, but really and truly, this is a Seth Worley Film – which is the kind of film I wanted to make. He is a director who’s work I love and respect, and that’s the reason I hired him for this project. Watch the Behind the scenes documentary right below this text to learn more about how and why we did it all.

31 thoughts on “Plot Device is Online!”

  1. I watched and not once did I look at the time so I voting for an enjoyable few minutes. Thanks to everyone concerned.

  2. Bravo…
    “I wonder when Greek broadcasters will do simple things but awesome job like you!!!”

  3. Pretty nicely done. Whoever said black flats on a bride, geez how picky….I mean, seeing a bride running down the street is odd already, who cares about the shoes? lol

  4. Aharon, you really need to do a tutorial on the use of TC Form for the explosion thing mentioned during the behind the scenes. I could really use that.


  5. I just want to thank you for all your work. Your tutorials here, at red giant or at creative cow are really helpfull

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