Free Textures (not from me)

Yesterday, Angie Taylor tweeted out these cool bokeh textures from JenniStock on deviant art:

Lot’s of cool things you can do with this, such as applying and animating After Effects’ Turbulent Displace. Or you can use them as displacement maps. Or as textures for VideoCopilot’s Optical Flares. Be creative.

JenniStock’s got a lot of great free textures and art to check out.  She has the following rules on a lot of her work:

:bulletpurple: You can use it wherever you want
(also commercial use etc.)
:bulletpurple: You don’t have to ask me
:bulletpurple: Credit me please, if it’s possible
:bulletpurple: Give me a link to your picture, if it’s possible
(I’d like to see your work)
:bulletpurple: If you download it, please fave it
:bulletpurple: Be creative

If you’re not already a member of, it’s worth joining. There are tons of inspiring visuals there.

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