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Part of my job at Red Giant has me looking through the content on Vimeo to see what people are working on. It’s how I find great user stories and great people to work with. But also how I find inspiration – often from people who are still in school, working on student projects. ┬áStudents have a very different bottom line than professional artists, in that they can spend a lot of time making art for art’s sake, rather than worrying about satisfying a client’s needs.

Yesterday, I came across ‘No Robots,’ a short animated film (also the name of my high school rock band):

No Robots from YungHan Chang on Vimeo.

A student film, from San Jose State University, which is directed by Kimberly Knoll (USA) and ??? Yunghan Chang (Taiwan)

Aside from being beautiful to look at, this is a great example of simple storytelling, that gives a huge amount of flavor to the world in which it takes place. I love that there’s no real speaking in this piece – or at least none that matters. If you can bring a short film to the point where words are not needed, and it still carries the kind of emotional weight contained in ‘No Robots,’ (or if you are even able to simply tell a clear story), you’ve achieved a great victory.

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