Oh Crap… I Forgot to Hit the Render Button!

Have you ever been on the bus/train home and said the above, knowing you would either have to go back to work, or accept hours of lost time?

Recently, my wife called me and said that she couldn’t be home on time, and asked me to pick up the kids from a birthday party. I lost track of time, and after rushing out I realized I forgot to hit the “Squeeze” button on a really heavy compression project. So as soon as I got the kids into bed, I went back to work to hit a button. Let me repeat that, I went back to work just to hit a fricken button. Fortunately, I work about 20 minutes from home. But that still comes to about 45 minutes of time spent very much not relaxing.

If you’re like me and  often have to duck out from work for a life crisis, or you have to duck out on life for a work crisis, consider that there might just be a better way. I recently asked my followers on twitter for a good recommendation on a way to control my computer remotely. I got a lot of suggestion, but my favorite was LogMeIn – A FREE app for computer, iphone and iPad. Basically, if you have a wifi connection, you can control your desktop computer as if you were in front of it on a different computer or mobile device. Here’s a videos that explains the LogMeIn product line (though, again, I use the free version):

And if you want to skip right to seeing it on an iPad:

I’ve used it to start an After Effects render, start a compression job in Sorenson Squeeze, send large files, start a big download and more. It actually allowed me to travel on a family trip recently, without a laptop, which, when you have 2 kids in tow, is just one more thing to pull out for the TSA to bug you about.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Hope it helps you the way it helps me.

3 thoughts on “Oh Crap… I Forgot to Hit the Render Button!”

  1. Thanks for sharing Aharon.
    I’ve just tried it, and it’s true there’s a free version for computers.
    BUT : the iPad is way FAR from free, indeed it is 79.99 euros here in France, which is a no-no for me as I only have limited uses of it.
    So maybe you should modify your post : ” …A FREE app for computer, iphone and iPad …”.
    Thanks again.

  2. Seconded this. It’s cross platform as well. We only have PCs at my office – but during my breaks I can connect home to my Mac and work on X-Code programming. Such a great utility.

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