Plot Device Was Nominated for a Webby!

I’m on vacation, and then heading out to NAB, so I won’t belabor this… Plot Device was nominated for a Webby award. The award is for Best Editing, and so, the nomination really goes to Seth Worley. Read more about it HERE in my post at the Red Room Blog. It’s all in that post, however, I will reiterate just this:

I’m not a fan of telling people to rock the vote, and I’m even less a fan of when people email, asking me to vote for a creation in a contest without even considering that there may be someone who is truly more worthy of the win. But if you believe in the importance of acknowledging great work, then head over to the Webby Awards and check out all of the nominations. If, after that, you think Seth deserves the award, great – vote for Plot Device. If not – vote for someone else that worked hard and deserves the recognition that editors so often don’t get.

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