New Film – Order Up

Hey folks – I’m proud to share ‘Order Up,’ a new short that I co-wrote with director Seth Worley. We also worked together on Plot Device and are working on a new film as well.

The Plot: A pizza is delivered to a creepy, abandoned location. Then it gets weird.

Made with Knoll Light Factory 3. Learn more at:

I got to work with an incredible group of people who are just awesome at what they do. I am truly honored to have my name in a list with them.

– Directed by Seth Worley
– Executive Producer – Aharon Rabinowitz
– Produced By Neil Hoppe
– Starring Micah Lanier
– Written by Aharon Rabinowitz, Seth Worley
– Art Direction – Micah Lanier, Paul Conrad
– Visual Effects and Design – Harry Frank, Seth Worley
– 3D Modeling and Animation – Rob Redman
– Audio/Grip – Matt Hail
– Assistant Camera/Grip – Cameron Childs
– Visual Effects Consultant – Mary Poplin, Imagineer Systems
– Special Thanks – Imagineer Systems, Maxon, Nick Campbell
– Music by Smartsound
– “In The Buff” performed by John Perry f/ The Distribution ( download the song at )
– Created with Knoll Light Factory