Red Giant TV Episode 89 – Tempo: Up in Flames – Realistic and Slow Motion Fire Effects

In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz walks you through the workflow used to create realistic fire for our film Tempo. He'll be using a combination of real fire footage, Trapcode Particular, and some 3rd Party plug-ins.

Note from Aharon: One thing I did not mention – the particles' life is set to 3 seconds, by default. This worked perfectly for my footage. However, if your footage lasts longer than that, you will need to increase the lifespan of your particles – or they might pop out of existence before they die. Alternately, you may want to lower the life value of your particles if the particle sprites' footage is a lot less than 3 seconds.

Get Trapcode Particular here:
Get Re:VisionFX Reel Smart Motion Blur here:
Get Re:VisionFX Twixtor here:
Get Digital Juice Compositor's Toolkit here:

4 thoughts on “Red Giant TV Episode 89 – Tempo: Up in Flames – Realistic and Slow Motion Fire Effects”

  1. Hi Aharon,

    I was just wondering…

    I usually like to save and backup Video Tutorials for future
    reference, but I can no longer seem to save or download if
    you like this tutorial.

    Has something changed ?


  2. Great work and presentation Aaron. Thanks for sharing your knowledege. I also like the revision plug ins and their costumer support is great too. But since I thought you work for RG it confused me pointing them out so much. Probably Rg wont come out with a retime plugin soon 😉

  3. Illd – Nope. No plans for competition to Twixtor, a fantastic plug-in. We use it at Red Giant all the time along with ReelSmart motion blur. We’ve covered them in the behind the scenes of a few of our films.

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