Red vs. Blue

If you are into Halo, or just video game culture in general*, then you’ve probably heard of Red vs. Blue, a web series from Rooster Teeth, now in it’s 12th season.  I noticed that Brian Behm, one of the animators, tweeted that they had used Holomatrix a bunch in the series, and more than usual in the latest episode.

You can watch the first 11 seasons on YouTube, the freshest content being on their site.

From my understanding, the animation in Red vs. Blue is almost entirely created via XBox, and edited in premiere pro, with additional animation and VFX added on top of it in Adobe After Effects. Wikipedia has some fascinating detail on the subject. It’s Wikipedia, so I can’t promise it’s true, but it sounds cool.

Anyway, I’m just taking a moment to be proud, I guess. When the original version of Holomatrix was released, it looked cool, but it was slow. At the time, Dan Ebberts and I were just getting into the Plug-in making scene. People liked the look, but it wasn’t the fastest and wasn’t an easy effect to alter – which meant it wasn’t as useful as it could be.

Now that it is available as a part of Red Giant Universe, is a full blown plug-in for many host-applications and is something like 20X faster, I’m seeing more and more of it in use, and loving it.

*Confession time: I am not that into gaming if I can’t play it on an iOS device, or if it came after the early 1980′s and doesn’t require a quarter to play. But I do like Halo enough to have made this tutorial on how to recreate the Halo Force-field.


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