Giving a Client What they Need (and, Sometimes, What They Ask For Too)

Today Red Giant launched a new product called Offload, something that will be very valuable to anyone that doesn’t want to lose their footage. Offload makes it easy to backup your files on-set, in the field, or when you get home.

It’s a great and simple product – but that isn’t what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is director Seth Worley, to whom I gave the most basic marketing script about the product, and he made this:

My only requirement was that he used (most of) the words I wrote for the VO (so that the description of what the product does was clearly communicated), and that we saw the product in action (that meant showing the user interface). He came up with a plan to tell a funny story,  through visuals, and as usual, he scores big.

The point is, if you keep an open mind,  you can give your client exactly what they need (or ask for) without sacrificing. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been there – sometimes it’s your job to give clients what they need, instead of what they literally ask for. And it’s up to you to communicate with them to understand why they are asking for certain things. It often turns out that they think they need something to achieve the end result they want.

But sometimes they really know what they need, and you can meet them halfway, with a great end result.

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