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VFX/Mograph Experiment: The Iris

Here’s a little C4D/AE experiment I’ve been playing with in my free time. Worth a tutorial, or at least a walk-through?

I’veĀ  used a bunch of stuff to make this:

Maxon Cinema4D

Adobe After Effects

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Episode 100 – Darknet: Glitching Text Transition

In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create a 3D Glitching motion graphics text treatment. He’ll also share some 3D modeling tips.

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Glitch: Now Available

Hey folks – I am proud to announce 2 new plug-ins that I co-created with Dan Ebberts: Glitch and Glitch Transition.

Universe Glitch and Glitch Transition give your footage and and text the look of compressed, glitched video. These tools creates the effect of poor internet connections, bad video encoding, corrupt data streams, and low-bandwidth broadcasts.Read more...