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Red Giant QuickTip #77: Handheld Camera Look

In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shares a few tips for giving a handheld camera look to video that was shot locked down on a tripod. This is useful for situations where you need to shoot locked down for an FX shot, and want to add in shake later.


Red Giant QuickTip #73: Old Film – Working with Retrograde and Looks (FCPX)

In this QuickTip, Aharon Rabinowitz gives you some ideas for adding mood and additional effects to Retrograde’s old film look, without ruining the authenticity of the effect.

Get Red Giant Retrograde from our friends at CrumplePop HERE.

Watch this video to learn more about why Retrograde looks so convincing in creating 16MM and 8MM film effects:

The Making of Red Giant Retrograde from Red Giant on Vimeo.… Read more...